Butt Rashes: Know The Causes, Symptoms, Preventions, and Treatments

Butt Rashes
There are numerous reasons why you can have a rash or blisters on your buttocks. Butt rashes could result from riding a bicycle or from wearing tight clothing causing abrasion and irritation of the skin. A bacterial, fungal, or viral skin infection, an allergic reaction, or an external irritant may also be to blame. Causes...

Diet for Hypothyroidism: All You Need To Know

In the current scenario, the focus on enhancing the lifestyle has become a must. Amidst the chaos that everyone goes through, it is essential to look after the dietary choices and avoid being vulnerable to any diseases or disorders.  However, despite the efforts being put in, people do develop certain lifestyle disorders and one among...

10 Common Foods That Cause Constipation

foods that cause constipation
Constipation is one of the most common issues that is caused by difficulty in passing bowel movements, and it is typically defined as having less than three bowel movements every week. Severe Constipation is often diagnosed if you have less than one bowel movement within a week. It is often accompanied by symptoms like...