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Are you a health writer who is looking for new opportunities to showcase his/her talent? If yes, we at Healthclust bring you just the right chance – write for us.

Healthclust is a platform that is now open to all the wonderful and passionate writers who wish to get their health and fitness guest posts published online. Write for us and maximize your reach. This development will help you connect with more people worldwide, and share your thoughts with all of them.

Writing is a powerful way to express your ideas and inform people about your research and products. The same is true with writing for Healthclust, as we provide you with this great online platform to reach a wider audience.

All you need to do is prepare and be ready with your write-ups, and send us the same via our contact details. Do not forget to go through the guidelines beforehand.

Guidelines for ‘Write For Us’ Submission

We at Healthclust believe in bringing the best and the most accurate health information to the readers. So we request you to abide by all the guidelines that we share here. By doing so, you become a part of a community that values open and standardized conversations.

  • The content should be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • There should be no plagiarized or AI-generated content.
  • All submissions should be original and should not have been published anywhere else.
  • We also expect the guest post writer to be an expert in their writing and someone who can produce awesome content.
  • Content should be well researched and should have a considerable length of minimum 600 words.
  • The topics should all be related to health and wellbeing and not from other areas.
  • Lastly, as we value our readers, we accept only those write-ups that are valuable for them; the content should be great and not mediocre.
  • Do not use very heavy language; keep it simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. Make sure there is no spinning and that the content does not leave the readers with lots of questions; it should instead clear their doubts.
  • Take topics/subjects that have not been covered by us in the past.
  • Send the write-ups in after properly formatting the same; add images wherever required.

We wish to bring quality info, helping the readers get what they’re looking for without any hassles. We can come out as a bridge between several health problems and the solutions you give through your write-ups. Also, Healthclust prefers data-driven and clinically-inspired content that can clear confusion from the minds of the readers about particular diseases, conditions, and treatments.

How Can You Reach Us?

If you agree to the above guidelines or in case you have any query, reach us at: [email protected] or fill the form mentioned below:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Does Healthclust edit the guest blogs?

    A1. Well, Healthclust has the right to edit and make necessary changes in the blogs.

    Q2. Does Healthclust accept documents that have been already used?

    A2. No, Healthclust wants you to send only original write-ups.

    Q3. Do I have to submit the blogs with images?

    A3. You may add images to your content wherever you feel the need.

    Q4. Can I post the blogs sent to you on my personal website too?

    A4. No, we don’t recommend you do so – pasting the blogs on your personal website. 

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