Brittle Nails

You must know that brittle nails are also permanently known as onychoschizia. It is one of the most common nail conditions that impacts people from all age groups and genders.  The condition is characterized by thin softer easily splitting nails. This issue often arises because of its moisture imbalances or underlying health conditions. 

Experts suggest that a higher prevalence of brittle fingernails in women is common. Thankfully there are several steps that you can take to strengthen your nails and prevent future issues.

Causes of Brittle Fingernails

There can be different types of causes for brittle fingernails and let us discuss some of the major and most common brittle nails causes: 

  • Moisture imbalance

One of the most common causes of brittle fingernails is due to excessive or insufficient moisture. The experts suggest that there are two types of moisture issues: one is hard and brittle nails are because of insufficient moisture. Another one is soft brittle fingernails resulting from excessive moisture.

  • Too little moisture

Your nails become really hard and brittle when they lack insufficient moisture. Frequent exposure to activities including hand washing or dishwashing can strip the nails of moisture. Furthermore dry environment or seasonal changes especially during winter can contribute towards brittle fingernails.

  • Too much moisture

Soft and brittle nails basically develop when there is excessive moisture. Nails that are brittle can result from overuse of hand moisturizer or exposure to harsh chemicals including acetone commonly found in nail Polish removers.

  • Other contributing factors that causes brittle nails
  1. You might find some nails that are brittle because of insufficient emolument production in your body. It is often because of iron deficiency. This results in anemia. The condition might cause extreme fatigue se Subsequently impact your nail health. Thyroid disorders
  2. Some disorders impacting hormone production can influence their mineral absorption. It can potentially lead to brittle nails. 
  3. The natural aging process can weaken your nail strength with time. It makes it prone to breakage.
  4. As per experts in fingernails display brittleness while toenails remain strong an external factor or underlying condition can be one of the brittle nails causes.

Treatments & Home Remedies For Brittle Nails

There are several treatments of it and depending on the situation your medical experts can prescribe you. Let us check some of the remedies and treatment available:  

  • While limited medications exist for brittle nails causes. Some home care practices can also help you strengthen your nails and improve your nail health
  • You can use clear nail Polish or specialized nail products. It can gradually increase your nail strength especially if you have soft nails. 
  • Furthermore you can also deal with brittle nail causes by applying moisturizer to hands and nails regularly. It must be before bedtime. This can help you get rid of brightness and reduce the nail brittleness.
  • You can wear gloves while washing dishes or using cleaning products. It protects your nails from damage. Furthermore, it can help you in strength maintenance.
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Dietary Adjustments and Nutrition

Food and diet plays an important role in maintaining your nails. Brittle nails can be caused by an excessive bad diet. So adjusting your diet and adding nutrition can be very helpful. 

  • Some diet changes can contribute towards stronger nails and it can be a part of brittle nails treatment.
  • Biotin supplements recommended by experts might improve your nail health with time. You can see the effectiveness after six months. Some other beneficial supplements can include gelatin minerals and calcium.
  • As nails basically consist of keratin protein ensuring perfect protein consumption helps in keratin production. It fosters strong Nails. If you have iron deficiency or anemia then you can truly benefit from incorporating iron rich foods including red meat or spinach in your diet. But consulting a doctor before taking the iron supplement is very important because of its potential interactions with the medicine. It basically works like a cure for brittle nails

Tips for Nail Health

Some additional brittle nail tips here can help you prevent brittle nail issues in the long run! Read all the tips to protect your nails: 

  • You should regularly file rough spots to prevent nail breaks. This will help you avoid the use of metal tools and harsh nail products including acetone nail Polish removers.
  • You can wear rubber gloves during water-related tasks and keep your nails trimmed. This will help you Safeguard your nail health.
  • You should refrain from picking or biting nails as these habits can be taken and damage them with time.
  • Brittle nails basically result from moisture imbalance, age-related issues or underlying health conditions. But proactive steps and nail care and protective measures can prevent and mitigate nail brittleness. You should seek remedy for brittle nails if you see any concerning symptoms or when home remedies do not look effective.


It is a condition characterized by dryness. There are several factors like nutritional deficiencies, excessive exposure to water and underlying health issues which can lead to this condition. So you need to maintain proper nail care and address issues.