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Shilajit: Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Benefits of shilajit
A healthy diet is key to our well-being. The vital elements needed for the optimal functioning of the body are from the diet. Every element is essential, from proteins and carbs to vitamins and minerals. However, our everyday diets may require a little change, especially with the processed foods available on the store shelves....

5 Potential Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Health Benefits of Sea Moss
Sea moss is one of the most popular edible seaweed that has been in the spotlight recently due to its potential health benefits. Also referred to as Irish mosh, sea moss is an edible seaweed that usually grows on rocky coasts in the Northern Atlantic.  Sea moss is harvested to extract the carrageenan found inside...

MCT Oil Benefits for Health, Side Effects & Common Uses

mct oil benefits
Nowadays, there are many dietary supplements known to help improve sleep, and better vision and MCT oil is one of them. The supplement has become prevalent due to its use by bodybuilders and fitness gurus. This interest has grown quickly over time, thanks to its rich source of coconut oil.  MCTs can help in weight...

10 Benefits of The Reishi Mushroom Consumption(Plus Side Effects)

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom
Are you bored with the same superfoods that have taken the spotlight? Well, reishi mushrooms will blow your mind away with their incredible health benefits. Deemed as the king of mushrooms, this type of fungi has a lot to offer. From regenerating cells to boosting mood and strengthening the immune system, reishi mushroom is...

Unlocking Wellness: Nutritional Facts & Benefits of Potatoes!

Benefits of potatoes
Potatoes have a plethora of various health benefits and beauty advantages. This vegetable is common in every Indian household. Potato is an easily available vegetable that has important vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium. There are different nutrition facts about potatoes which we discuss in this blog for better understanding.  Potatoes are rich...

How to Tell if an Egg is Bad or Good

How to Tell if an Egg is Bad or Good
Eggs are stable in all the kitchens. It offers a versatile ingredient for plenty of dishes.  But how often do you think about the freshness of the eggs that you use? Just think about a situation where you are excited to prepare a breakfast feast only to crack open an egg. And you discover...

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