Benefits of shilajit

A healthy diet is key to our well-being. The vital elements needed for the optimal functioning of the body are from the diet. Every element is essential, from proteins and carbs to vitamins and minerals. However, our everyday diets may require a little change, especially with the processed foods available on the store shelves. Shilajit can be a great option. 

For centuries now, this natural supplement has become the remedy for improved health. It is rich in minerals as well as antioxidants and benefits the body in various ways. Shilajit has piqued the interest of many as a natural energy booster that revitalizes the body and mind.

However, Shilajit is more than just an energy booster. There are plenty of shilajit benefits, including heart and brain functioning and aging. In this guide, we’ll explore the realm of shilajit, including its benefits its benefits and side effects. 

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a natural, sticky substance that comes from decomposed plants and microbial matter found on the rocks in mountainous regions. It is a tar-like resin that seeps from the rocks when the organic materials break down. 

Shilajit comes in various forms, such as capsules, powder, and resin. However, the most authentic form is the raw and unprocessed resin extracted directly from the rocks. Shilajit has been in use for decades due to its potential health benefits.

Even though shilajit has a long history of traditional use, the research on the side effects is still ongoing. Not every alleged benefit has received conclusive evidence. Therefore, it is best to speak with a healthcare provider if you’re thinking of using it due to the potential shilajit benefits.

Important Health Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit has numerous health benefits for both men and women. This natural supplement is great for the positive effects it brings to overall well-being and health. The following are shilajit benefits that you need to know: 

Treats gastric ulcers

Gastric ulcers happen when the stomach lining comes in contact with harsh substances. Gastrointestinal diseases can be caused by free radical damage and oxidative stress. Shilajit possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer properties that can be a useful treatment for stomach ulcers. However, more research is needed to determine the extent of the shilajit benefits in humans.

Lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition that causes behavioral abnormalities, memory loss, and cognitive decline. Medical practitioners typically prescribe medications to treat the disorder’s symptoms. 

Luckily, the ingredients found in Shilajit can prevent or slow down Alzheimer’s disease from progressing. Since females are at a high risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease, it’s this one of the major shilajit benefits in women. 

The fulvic acid found in the Shilajit is an antioxidant that helps enhance cognitive health as it prevents tau protein from multiplying. The main component of Shilajit is an antioxidant called fulvic acid. This antioxidant improves cognitive health by preventing the buildup of tau protein. The tau protein is an important element as it helps the nervous system. Nevertheless, accumulation of this protein may harm the brain cells.

Increases fertility in men and women

Given its historical usage in supporting male and female reproductive health, shilajit may be able to help with some fertility-related problems. 

Shilajit can help women with irregular periods since it impacts their fertility. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and enhances the reproductive organs’ ability to receive nutrients and oxygen. Toxins and chemicals are also removed with the aid of Shilajit.

To add to that, shilajit improves the detoxification process of the body’s organs and uterine health. Also, for people who want to cut their weight to increase their chances of conceiving, shilajit can come in handy. It breaks down the fat as the metabolism is boosted.

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Increases the levels of testosterone

Shilajit is a natural remedy for low testosterone levels in men because it helps in boosting these levels. Research shows that taking shilajit increases the levels of testosterone. High levels of testosterone can also improve sexual desire. Therefore, with Shilajit’s testosterone-boosting feature, your libido is likely to improve significantly. However, it is important to talk with your doctor before using shilajit for issues with hormones.

Reduces aging 

Men have thick collagen skin as compared to women, which makes them less prone to cellular damage. Often, women age more quickly than men. The fulvic acid found in shilajit serves as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound. Shilajit minimizes cellular damage and free radicals, which are the two major causes of aging. Taking Shilajit reduces wrinkles, making the skin firmer and more youthful. This helps both males and females live longer and age more slowly. 

Reduces chronic fatigue

Shilajit can also help people with chronic fatigue syndrome by reducing their fatigue symptoms. Chronic fatigue syndrome can lead to extreme tiredness or fatigue, making it challenging to carry out daily tasks.

However, shilajit can save the day as it enhances mitochondrial activity and oxygenation. As such, the most crucial shilajit benefits for people ought to be energy boosters.

Side Effects of Shilajit

Little details are known about the safety of using shilajit. There are some shilajit side effects, such as:

  • It can raise the levels of iron in the body.
  • Shilajit can interfere with hormone levels.
  • Unprocessed or raw shilajit may not be safe for consumption as it may be contaminated with metals and fungi.
  • Shilajit can also make a person feel dizzy.
  • Difficulty breathing, speaking, or swallowing


Nowadays, people desire natural remedies that can benefit their health. Shilajit supplement is one unique natural remedy that comes in handy. Its potential health benefits are promising, ranging from energy enhancement to cognitive enhancement. But before using Shilajit, it’s crucial to speak with a healthcare provider.

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