How To Lose Weight Fast: 10 Simple Steps To Try

Fastest way to loose weight
In the pursuit of weight loss a plenty of people are drawn to quick fix solutions and fad diets hoping for rapid results. But experts in nutrition and dietetics advocate for a more balanced and sustainable approach.  Gradual weight loss can help you increase the likelihood of maintaining the achieved weight and also ensures the...

7 Health Benefits of Peanuts You Didn’t Know

health benefits of peanuts
Peanuts are often found in the form of peanut butter and are a staple food in many kitchens. Despite their name, they aren't considered nuts. Recently, cashews, almonds, and other forms of nuts have been taking the spotlight since alternative nut butter is awash in store shelves. You may wonder if peanuts are still...

Shilajit: Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Benefits of shilajit
A healthy diet is key to our well-being. The vital elements needed for the optimal functioning of the body are from the diet. Every element is essential, from proteins and carbs to vitamins and minerals. However, our everyday diets may require a little change, especially with the processed foods available on the store shelves....

Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation, Causes & Treatment

signs of poor blood circulation
It may be astonishing, but our bodies contain approximately 60,000 miles of blood vessels. The blood vessels carry blood to each part of the body, ensuring that all important nutrients and oxygen get to their destinations. However, whenever the circulation is poor, it will slow or even block the blood flow to other body...

7 Best Techniques for Ear Wax Removal at Home 

ear wax removal at home
Ear wax is a natural part of the body that is used for defense. Not only is it used for cleaning and lubricating the ear canal, but it also protects it by trapping all the dirt and slowing bacterial growth. Normally, earwax blockage occurs when people try cleaning their ears by placing the cotton...