natural ways to induce labor

Pregnancy is a wonderful and an amazing journey. But being pregnant for a whole nine months without going into labor is no fun. Even though it is normal for any pregnancy to continue for two weeks past the finish line, it’s for sure frustrating, not to mention the swelling of feet, back pains, feeling sweaty, and being unable to sleep. It can take a toll on you. 

Studies show that about 35 percent of pregnancies extend past due dates, which is normal. So, if you are in the same boat, worry not. There are reasons the pregnancy can go past the due date. It could be your body is not ready yet or the baby wants to bake for a little longer. This can be so discouraging, especially if you have been watching the due date come by and can’t wait for the time. 

Pregnancy can extend for a few weeks, and it’s a common occurrence. That is why most people have been looking for natural ways to induce labor to speed up things by trying natural tricks at home. Luckily, various techniques can help you get the labor going. 

6 Natural Ways To Induce Labor Safely & Risk Free

Listed below are some of the best natural ways to induce labor. Read more to understand better. 

1. Exercise

Trying light exercise like long walks is one way of inducing labor at home and is safe. Taking walks will make the baby’s weight press down on the cervix which then stimulates the production of oxytocin hormone. This will induce the uterine cramping and contractions. 

In addition, trying out yoga poses may also help induce labor naturally and put the baby in a good position, ready for birth. Remember, don’t exhaust yourself when doing these light exercises. Labor itself is quite exhausting, so you want to stay energized before you start the labor stage. 

Another important tip is to always stay hydrated and get rest when tired during the exercise. At times, if your cervix is dilated. At times, the cervix may have dilated, but your body isn’t yet ready for active labor. Trying these light exercises may help kickstart labor.

2. Herbs and Teas

Incorporating herbs and teas into your diet can also be one of the potential ways to induce labor. Herbs like raspberry leaf tea, blue & black cohosh, and evening primrose oil are claimed to prepare the uterus for labor. 

However, some herbs and teas have been associated with fetal heart failure, stroke, and complications during labor. Besides, the safety is not known, so it is important to avoid these remedies during pregnancy or talk to your doctor before using them.

Among the many methods to induce labor, the most popular castor oil is known to also help induce labor, thanks to its laxative nature. It causes uterine contractions but due to diarrhea and GI upset, not labor. Also, running the oil on the skin is said to contribute to contractions as it stimulates the bowels. 

Most healthcare providers don’t recommend consuming this oil as they haven’t been proven to help inducing labor at home, and some of them might have detrimental side effects. Castor oil may cause diarrhea, which isn’t something you want to experience when you’re about to give birth. Thus, it is important to check with your doctor before trying these home remedies for inducing labor. 

3. Sex

Having sex is also one of the most recommended methods to induce labor by health practitioners. Semen from your partner may help induce labor naturally and get it started because semen has prostaglandins that can contribute to uterine contractions.

However, different types of prostaglandins are also available in the hospital, which are used to induce labor. 

Additionally, an orgasm from a woman during intercourse can also lead to contractions of the uterus. However, it is not advisable to have sex if your water has already broken. It is only the best option if the membranes are intact. On the other hand, if your doctor advises you not to have sex for some reason or if you’re bleeding, it’s not recommended.

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4. Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation is among the popular natural ways to induce labor. This method of inducing labor at home involves rolling, breast pumping, or suckling. The main aim of nipple stimulation is to help release the oxytocin hormone that causes uterine cramping.

Gently rolling or massaging the nipples with fingers may help kickstart the labor, thus making it happen faster. Though it’s not clear from studies if this method can really induce labor, it is considered safe. Some studies show that it can lower synthetic levels of oxytocin during labor induction. Also, nipple stimulation can shorten the period of the labor phases.

Before trying nipple stimulation methods to induce labor naturally, make sure you consult your doctor to know if it’s the appropriate technique for labor induction at home.

5. Massage

Massage can help raise the levels of oxytocin in your body. Therapists claim massaging the overdue mom may help in jump starting the labor. Focusing pressure on certain points may help move the labor along. 

Before you try the prenatal massage, get the doctor’s approval first. Aside from massage, meditation can also prove futile and is one of the best methods to induce labor naturally. Even cuddling may help you relax and get the levels of oxytocin pumping. 

These are a few things that help to induce labor while at home. That’s why most labors often start late in the night when you’re cozy and warm in bed, which usually triggers the production of oxytocin. If you’re due on your birth date and anxious, try meditation to relieve stress. 

6. Acupuncture

Experts claim that acupuncture, which involves the skill of inserting tiny needles into particular pressure spots on the body, is a natural approach to induce labor. It can also promote uterine activity, thus inducing labor. It can also be helpful as a natural stress reliever. 

Naturally, even the most ardent supporters of acupuncture during pregnancy concede that the baby probably won’t make a dramatic appearance if it isn’t ready. But get the doctor’s consent before trying it.


If you have ever encountered an overdue pregnancy, you understand the struggles and frustrations. However, there’s probably a reason why a pregnancy may pass the 42-week mark; it could be your body or the baby. 

Fortunately, certain things help to induce labor, including exercises, massaging, and sex. These are the most common ways to induce labor. Exercising is among the best ways to induce labor because it helps with cervical dilation, which enables the baby to drop into the pelvis.

However, inducing labor before the due date can pose risks to the mother and baby. Therefore, it is important to talk to a healthcare specialist first before going ahead.

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