Immunity Boosting Supplement

The immune system plays a major role in keeping us healthy and fighting off diseases. It protects us from illnesses, which is why it is so important that we keep the immune system healthy. It can be done by inculcating the right nutrients and supplements in the regular diet. There is a huge variety of foods which can be added to the diet for the well being of the immune system in particular. However, one needs to ensure that when choosing immunity boosting supplements or foods, s/he should be careful in considering only high-quality products for optimum results.

Let us get started with the list of the top ten foods/supplements to prefer as immunity boosting supplements. Here we go.

Top 10 Immunity Boosting Supplements & Foods

Our immune system is composed of a complex collection of cells and processes and chemicals, all of which constantly defend the body from pathogens such as toxins, bacteria and viruses.

We can keep it healthy and functional through a balanced diet, good sleep and exercise throughout the year. But, we can take some extra measures such as adding supplements to boost immune system.

Here’s a list of the top ten supplements you can choose to consider:

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants can be exemplified as vitamins A, C and E and can be great immune boosting supplements. These fight off the free radicals that have the potential of harming and damaging the body’s cells.

Vitamin C is also vital as it reduces the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infections such as common cold.

Antioxidants can be abundantly found in many foods like nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, dark chocolate, leafy greens, tomatoes, olives, Indian gooseberry (amla), tea, coffee as well as lentils and broccoli.

Taking immune booster supplements becomes necessary when the food we eat does not entirely fulfil the need for the specific nutrients. 


When we talk of proteins, that refers to us talking about amino acids, as that’s what the proteins are made up of. Proteins are fuel for the immune system, thus proving to be second on our list of immunity boosting supplements.

Inadequate amount of protein in the body can lead to weaker immunity levels and a greater risk of developing diseases quickly and more frequently.

Some of the immune support supplement foods rich in proteins are fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, soy products, low-fat milk, yogurt as well as lean red meat.

The amount of protein one requires depends on various factors such as the body size, the stage of life and the activity levels.

One can always reach out to a certified healthcare professional to know better about these supplements for immune system and how they can be consumed optimally.

3. Vitamin D    

Vitamin D, another example of immunity boosting supplements, is highly essential for the maintenance of adequate immune levels in the body and to lower the risk of respiratory infections.

This supplements not just boost the immune system, they are also necessary for the building up of strong bones.

They help fight off viruses and bacteria and in preventing illnesses such as flu. Its deficiency can often result in autoimmune diseases and thus attack the healthy cells in the body.

4. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral, but an important one. It helps in the production of immune cells that play a role in reducing the severity, risk and duration of infections.

Even having a mild deficiency of zinc can weaken the immune system, hence making zinc tablets/capsules important supplements for immune system.

Zinc is found in many foods, but it is also available as supplemental pills. It has been found that the short-term consumption of these can reduce viral colds. One needs to be mindful when taking zinc supplements.

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5. Probiotics

One of the best immune system supplements, these are the good bacteria that are critical for gut and overall health.

As a matter of fact, about 70% to 80% of the immune cells are located in the gut, which is why it becomes highly significant to maintain a good level of probiotics in the body. However, it can also be noted that not all types of probiotics benefit the immune system.

Immune support supplement foods that have a good amount of probiotics can be named as yogurt with live and active cultures, kimchi, miso, kefir and tempeh.

6. Elderberry

This is a powerful plant with antiviral, antioxidant as well as antibacterial properties which help as great immune booster supplements.

Taking elderberry supplements has been found linked to the reduction of symptoms and duration of common cold. This immune support supplement can also be taken in the form of liquid extract, lozenge or cough syrup.

7. Echinacea

Another supplements to boost immune system, these are again herbs that have been used as an immunity booster in the past.

It is even used these days for its medicinal characteristics and is responsible for stimulating the immune system to fight infection. These immune booster supplements also come in many forms such as capsules, liquid extract and even tea.

8. Garlic

Garlic consumption is quite common when compared to many other foods. It significantly helps activate the cells that fight infections and bolster immunity, coming out as a significant immune system booster.

It can be added to various dishes like soups and sauces to get the benefits. There are supplements available in the market which act as an immunity-boosting compound of garlic.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is yet another abundantly used supplements for immune system, especially used as a spice. It has positive health effects, especially in boosting the immunity levels.

When taken as a supplement, as recommended by experts, this immune system booster can maximize the benefits we derive from the immune system.

10. Medicinal mushrooms

Last on our list, medicinal mushrooms refer to the mushrooms that prevent and treat infections and diseases and are the next immune system booster.

More than 270 species of such mushrooms have been recognized that help in boosting our immunity levels. One such example is the Turkey tail. They can be found in supplements, as well as teas.

Immune Boosting Supplements – To Sum Up

There are a variety of supplements to boost immunity available in the stores these days. One can start by choosing a few immunity boosting supplements to focus on and thereby gain the benefits for immunity and overall health.

It is important you take the necessary precautions before starting on with any immune system booster supplements to ensure safe, beneficial and healthy usage.

Note that when taken properly, that is, in the right quantity at suitable timings, the supplements can prove to be a great immunity booster for your body. 


Q1. Do immunity-boosting supplements really work?

Ans: Too much of anything is bad. One just needs to keep this in mind. When taking the right amount of best immune system supplements, they are sure to benefit you in the best ways.

Q2.How can I boost my immunity quickly?

Ans:Besides getting a good sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising, taking required supplements from time to time, under the guidance of a healthcare provider though, can help you boost your immunity.

Q3. Which is the best supplement to get your immunity boosted?

Ans:It depends on person to person. Every individual has a different abundance and lack of various nutrients that affect the immunity levels. To know what would be the best immune system supplements for you, you can always consider speaking with a certified healthcare professional.