How to get thick hair

Good, shiny, thick hair is everyone’s pride. It adds a spark to your personality but, most of us don’t even have proper hair on our scalp. Tired of adding hair wigs and extensions to increase the volume of hair? Looking for solutions on how to get thicker hair for men and women. Losing hair might be a problem but not without solutions. This blog will give you a detailed view to get the volume and thickness you want. 

What is the Reason For Not Having Thicker Hair? 

There could be numerous reasons you can start losing your volume of hair. Let us explore some of the major reasons why you don’t have thick hair:

  • Your Family History: Your family’s genetics may have less volume of hair. It says that if one of your family members is suffering it could affect your hair growth. 
  • Lifestyle change: Lifestyle change can also be the reason for not having thicker hair for women. If a woman or man is into an unbalanced or less nutritious diet. This could hinder your thickness and you may start losing your hair if involved in smoking or any other drug.
  • Lack Of Hair Care Routine: In case you neglect to give proper hair care then you may suffer with effect on the health and appearance of your hair. 
  • Your Work: Your work is a major contributor to the question of how to get heavier hair. Heavy workload gives you stress that can trigger the body to release hormones like cortisol that can stop the new hair from growing. 
  • Women’s Menstruation Cycle: During work, women can have stressful cycles and poor diets that lead to a decrease in iron levels. This poor health condition can cause anemia which has a direct relationship with your hair growth. 

Above all these reasons, one thing is your poor scalp that attracts dust, germs, and bacteria which can clog your hair follicles and cause inflammation. And if you are in contact with dandruff it is the work part. Weaken hair can be a big problem for both men and women. Here the question arises: how do you make hair thicker that stays forever? 

How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally?

You can get an effective solution and end the question of how to get thicker hair naturally. Explore natural ways of getting thick hair: 

  • Add a Nutritious Diet to Your Routine: A balanced Diet is essential to increase your hair thickness and growth. If you are looking for a shiny appearance and a healthy life add fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to your food. 
  • Stay Hydrated: It is important to avoid dehydration in your daily life. It is crucial to drink as much water as you can. Set a reminder on your phone to maintain your water schedule. It helps you to maintain overall body function. Once you start it the question of how to get heavier hair will be gone
  • Give your Hair Gentle Care: Do oiling with coconut or olive oil twice a week to get thicker hair for women. Add sulfate-free shampoos or conditioners to your cart. Harsh chemicals are not good for your hair growth.
  • Avoid Heating of Hair: Using a straightener or curling iron can reduce the growth of your hair. Change your routine if you are in regular use of it. 
  • Provide good nourishment to hair: massaging hair with nourishing hair oil makes your hair stronger and healthy. You can even use ayurvedic shampoo to make your hair thicker.
  • Make braids: open hair easily gets tangled whereas braided hair is far easier to comb. Braids avoid breakage and hair fall which ultimately helps in providing good volume to your scalp. 
  • Wash your hair in 3-4 days: clean hair always attracts shine, softness and thickness towards it. As dirty hair makes your hair rough and frizzy that leads to hair loss. So make sure to wash your hair in 3-4 days.
  • Avoid using chemical products: In case you want to grow your hair naturally then surely you need to avoid using chemical products. You can go with organic products but only after considering expert advice.

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When Should You Visit a Hair Care Specialist? 

 After making so many efforts you are still in a dilemma of hair loss. Try consulting your doctor to get the root cause of the problem. Your hair health specialist can help you increase hair growth with the right treatment and diagnosis. Do talk to the specialist openly and avoid the side effects. 

Still, you have a question on how to get men’s hair thicker and want to ask for answers from the specialist. Get the best doctors who are experts in hair treatment online in just a few clicks. 


Q1. How do you make hair thicker?

Ans:To make your hair thicker and heavier forever, try taking vitamins and minerals supplements, use sulfate-free shampoos, and eat a healthy diet.

Q2. How To Get Men’s Hair Thicker?

Ans:Change your lifestyle, give proper scalp massage, and adapt care practices to change the appearance of your hair.

Q3. Can I trim my hair to get them thicker?

Ans: Absolutely yes, trimming your hair can help in reducing split ends. You can help your hair to have less breakage and make it stronger and thicker. Trimming your hair in regular intervals is a good practice.

Q4. Should I stop doing hairstyles?

Ans:Well, not necessarily but heavy and tight hairstyles can add a burden to your hair shaft and increase the chances of hair loss. Avoid using curling irons or straighteners regularly. Shift to loose hairstyles that can promote hair thickness.

Q5. What things should I avoid for hair breakage?

Ans:You should avoid using harmful chemicals on hair like straightening cream, etc. Excess use of heat on hair by way of styling is also very harmful for hair..

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