10 Common Foods That Cause Constipation

foods that cause constipation

Constipation is one of the most common issues that is caused by difficulty in passing bowel movements, and it is typically defined as having less than three bowel movements every week. Severe Constipation is often diagnosed if you have less than one bowel movement within a week. It is often accompanied by symptoms like bloating gas or discomfort during bowel movements. If you’re dealing with Constipation, you should know about the foods that cause Constipation. Some foods can help you prevent or relieve constipation, but others can worsen this condition, so you should be aware of them.

10 Common Foods for Constipation

Below is the list of some of the top common foods that causes constpation.


If you’re wondering if bananas can constipate you, you must know that bananas present a puzzle in foods’ effective constipation, but the key lies in their rightness. Thoroughly unripe bananas can trigger Constipation, while ripe bananas can help you eliminate it.

Unripe bananas contain high levels of starch, which can challenge your body’s digestion process and lead to Constipation. However, ripe bananas rich in dietary fibre have the opposite effect by drawing water into the stool. It is one of the foods that make you poop.

Chewing Gum

Contrary to the myth that swallowing gum takes seven years to digest, multiple pieces consumed quickly, especially with other indigestible foods like seeds, can form a mask that blocks the digestive tract. It is one of the foods that causes Constipation.


Just like bananas, caffeine’s impact on Constipation varies. Caffeine is known for its stimulant properties, and it can prompt increased bowel movements and can also lead to diarrhea. But when consumed while dehydrated, caffeine found in coffee, black tea, and chocolate might worsen the issue. You should know about the foods that make you constipated.


Gluten is a protein in wheat and barley and does not cause constipation universally. But it can pose problems for you if you have sensitivities, allergies, or any autoimmune condition known as celiac disease. You should check out the foods that cause Constipation and only choose gluten-free substitutes.

White Rice

White rice, unlike its counterpart, brown rice, has the potential to cause Constipation due to its processing method. White rice, the husk, and germ, which contain essential fibre and nutrients, have been removed. It is one of the foods that contribute to Constipation.


Persimmon is a fruit popular in Asian countries but less familiar in the United States of America. It has unique varieties that impact constipation differently. Sweet Persimmon doesn’t cause any Constipation issues, but the more estrogen varieties contain high tannins, which can slow down food movement through the intestines.

White Bread And Related Products

Regarding foods that contribute to Constipation, you cannot ignore white bread and related products. Instead, it would be best to opt for whole-grain bread as it makes a difference. Whole-grain bread might help you eliminate Constipation because of its fiber content. White bread and other products made with a lot of flour, like beagles and crackers, can cause Constipation.


Just like caffeine, alcohol consumption can also contribute to Constipation. Alcohol is dehydrating, and it can worsen Constipation by reducing the hydration levels of your body. Alcohol can slow down the digestion process and also irritate the bubble, worsening the Constipation symptoms.


If you are dealing with irritable bowel syndrome or Constipation, chocolate is generally advised against. Chocolate’s high-fat content will likely slow your digestion by impeding muscle contractions within the bowel. It is one of the foods that causes constipation and hinders food movement through the digestive tract. As chocolates contain eggs, you might wonder if eggs cause Constipation. You need to know that you don’t have to take them off the menu; instead, you can swap them with some high-fibre content.

Dairy Products

Consuming significant quantities of dairy products like milk, yogurt, and ice cream can lead to Constipation. This effect might arise from the dairy itself or a combination of factors. Lactose or dairy components can increase gas and bloating, worsening constipation. Dairy products are one of the foods that contribute to Constipation, So you should avoid them to keep your bubble moment healthy.

Wrap Up

So, if you’re looking for foods that make you constipated, then you need to look no further, as the list here can make everything clear. You can check out these ingredients before you choose to eat anything.

FAQ’s Related to Foods That Cause Constipation

Q1. What foods make you constipated quickly?

Ans:Some of the foods that cause Constipation quickly include processed grains, fried or fast foods, gluten-containing foods, and alcohol.

Q2. What are the foods that can avoid constipation?

Ans: You can count on foods like whole grains like whole wheat bread and pasta legumes like lentils and black beans.

Q3. Can you consume milk if you are having Constipation issues?

Ans:Milk and other dairy products are likely to be a trigger for call stipulation in some.

Q4. Is banana good for your Constipation?

Ans: When completely ripe, Bananas can treat Constipation, but unripe or green bananas can cause Constipation.
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